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Life- and Business Coaching

*15 minutes free get-to-know-me call

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Anni, certified coach, living a happy and fullfiled life in the beautiful city of Munich.

With my coaching services I put my focus on two aspects:

In life coaching I empower people to find their purpose and reach their goals, in business coaching my focus lies on the development of young executives.

It is my intention to empower you to recognise who you truely are and to create the life you really want.


That you successfully transform your goals into reality.


That you become the leader that matches your own values, to accomplish a working atomsphere with your team, based on trust, respect and clarity, in order to achieve outstanding results.

The principles of the Coaching method I work with state, "You are the creator of your life." This means you are responsible for all your results, positive and negative. It doesn't mean you are to blame - just responsible.

For some, this thought may not seem that cool at first sight, but - if you take a closer look - there is an amazing power behind this point of view!


If you are responsible and managed to steer your life down a certain way, only you are the one, being able change direction again.

If you have specific goals that you would like to achieve, or if you want to improve your leadership, you have come to the right place.

Together, we can find out which disabling beliefs have prevented you from achieving your goals so far.


I will show you ways to permanently transform them so that you can finally create the results you want!


My Services




goal-coaching for all areas of your life

1:1 Coaching


one-year individual coaching support


identification & definition of your goals


Work on your goals & implement routines



Empowerment For Young Leaders

1:1 Coaching


six-month individual coaching support


six-week course for young leaders

customised trainings & individual coachings


„Anni picked me up right at the beginning with her friendly and open personality. This made it easy for me to open up to her. This in turn led to her quickly bringing me to new insights and perspectives on my actions. Through this I directly succeeded in achieving the goals I had set with her in advance and felt even better. In fact, it was in no way the case that I was unhappy without her coaching, but by talking to her I found a way to be even more fulfilled. I am already looking forward to our next conversation.“


About Anni

"Our results are the outcome
of intentions we live in"

Principal of Creation

My personal WHY

When I started my career after graduation, I very quickly had leadership responsibility and zero experience, which often pushed me to my limits. I was caught in an alternation of "Everybody's Darling" and "Tough Cookie" which was neither pleasant for me nor for my team.

In 2016, I first came into contact with coaching in general. I was in a pretty bad phase - a lot of stress, frequently sick, relationship problems. I had reached my limits, even crossed them, ignoring it completely. Until one morning I just passed out. That was the point at which I knew that I really had to change something and I had to do it now!

Friends had told me about coaching before, but until that point I couldn't bring myself to invest in my personal development. In review, I know I should have done it much sooner. Today, happily invest in myself and my personal development! 


My greatest insight back then was "no matter what happens, I will always be ok and I will master anyything!"

I am deeply convinced of that and this powerful realization carries me to this day.

I wish these experiences for all people, because everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life and feel inner peace, both, professionally and personally!

In 2021 I completed my training as a coach and trainer with Kedo Rittershofer, which has been key, empowering me in my work as a leader and encouraging me to work as a coach.

It is my vision to spread this coaching method further and to carry it into the world. To empower you, to throw off your old unnecessary ballast and thereby improve your quality of life.


To show you that results are not only the consequence of hard work and many hours.

That success can be created with ease and in fulfillment.

That everyone can create a happy life.

That everything is possible!


"Leading is not a privilege
but an act of service"

"Our feelings are the
result of our interpretations"


Do you want to be happy, in your job, with your family, financially, in your partnership, or in your job? 

If it was possible for you to create a vital, appreciative life full of joy and fulfillment and to reach your goals, would you want that?


Would you like to be a leader that your team is happy to follow, based on respect, clarity and trust?

Then you are exactly right with me! I am happy to empower you to see  what led to your previous results in life, what you are blocking yourself with and how you can change this in the future.

Are you ready for the next breakthrough in your life and to successfully create results with enthusiasm and joy?

Then I'm here for you:

I show you why most people start in the wrong place, when they want to change something and what you really need to look at. I offer you a way to dissolve and transform what is blocking you from reaching your desired goals on all levels: rationally, emotionally, behaviorally

The only question that remains: Would you rather keep your problem or take the chance to evolve?

Create a life that really inspires you!


"The chemistry should be right" - feel free to make an appointment for a non-binding, meeting to get to know each other!


Condition for the use of my services: You really have the intention to change something! You are psychologically stable and not under therapeutic/psychological treatment.


On site in Munich, regardless of location by phone or video conference - you decide what you feel most comfortable with!

I am also happy to conduct business trainings on-site at your company!


If you have not had any insight after our coaching session, you can tell me directly and get your money back! That way you don't take any risks. Sounds fair?!

  • Can I pay in installments?
    You can only pay for the Empower Your Life program and the Leadership Growth course in monthly installments. For the 1:1 Coaching there are different packages with price advantages, as well as for the 3-months subscription for the Empower Your Morning Membership. In case of hardship, please feel free to contact us to discuss individual payment options.
  • What exactly is the creator coaching method?
    Compared to other well-known coaching methods, creator coaching includes parts out of the systemic coaching, as well as the non-violent communication and in a simplified way the model of the transactional analysis. The creator principle is based, among other things, on the Universal Laws of Spirituality and Attraction, which can be found in many different areas of the natural sciences, religion and philosophy. The questioning technique is based on the principles of Socratic Dialogue (insight & knowledge of a subject based on question & answer)
  • For whom is coaching not suitable?
    Coaching is not suitable for you if you ... - have no desire for personal development - want to stay in your comfort zone - do not want to take responsibility for yourself and your actions - as a manager you would rather change your employees instead of starting with yourself - look at external factors for explanations when things don't work out - have an addiction - are mentally unstable or mentally ill/ are undergoing therapeutic/psychological treatment
  • For which topics can I use coaching?
    Of course, you can use me not only for topics related to your development as a leader, but for all areas of life. Frequent topics in coaching sessions are: - Why am I unhappy? - Why am I not happy with my life? - Why am I single? - Why don't I quit my job? - Why can't I make a decision? - Why don't I reach my goals? - How do I find a job that suits me? - Why do I never have enough money? - Why can't I say NO? - Why do I never get what I want? - How do I motivate my team? - Why do I have so much stress?
  • Is one coaching session enough?
    This depends individually on you and also on your personal intention. Basically, it is my goal to dissolve your innermost beliefs - which block you in your desired goal - with one session. With more complex issues, however, it may be that more than one conviction is at work, so that you have to dissolve it layer by layer, like an onion, one hour is very likely not enough here.
  • How sustainable is the coaching?
    In my coachings, I can only go as far as you as a coachee allow me to. I offer you the opportunity and give you tools to achieve the goals you desire. Whether you use this optimally for yourself, ultimately depends entirely on you. Coaching can make a long-lasting difference if you implement and live accordingy to the insights you received!
  • What is the difference to other coaching methods?
    This coaching method is directed towards a sustainable (mind) change and addresses the root cause of the problem - your innermost beliefs. This involves both, the mental and emotional dissolution of blocking beliefs. Coaching is always result-driven, with the aim of giving you new perspectives and creating a permanently happy and fulfilled life for yourself.
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